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You have to know WHY! Why does Young Living own their own farms and why are they so committed to quality? The easier and CHEEPER route is to not own farms! They are sacrificing significant profit, find out WHY! 

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Why Young Living Essential Oils?


When discussing essential oils, there are certain questions one MUST ask. Just as no two people are created equal, neither are plants, farmers, distillers, or companies.


When looking at a company, whether it is for health care, home care, auto care, or anything really, KNOW THE WHY. If you don't know the why of the company, you won't know your why for using them.

For us, it is because Young Living sincerely cares about all of these things and they have taken extraordinary measures to make sure it is always about the quality and care, no matter the extra mile or cost they need to take to do so.


Happy learning!